11plus Verbal

11 plus Verbal Reasoning is a subject of the 11+ exam that evaluates children’s problem-solving skills. It is the ability to understand and logically work through concepts and problems expressed in words. This subject provides an assessment of a child’s ability to think, reason and solve problems in different ways.

11plus4fun.co.uk tries its level best to make the child perfect in solving analogies, letter sequences, cracking letter and number-based codes, comprehension etc.

Verbal reasoning exams are intended to test a child's ability to understand and reason using words.

The scope and content of an 11+ verbal reasoning exam differ from region to region.

At 11plus4fun.co.uk, we have many synonyms, antonyms and spelling tests to improve a child's vocabulary and spelling skills.

11plus4fun.co.uk comes up with its best resource providing the means for your child’s preparation. As the content for 11 plus verbal reasoning is not same for all the 11 plus exam papers, our site has included the most important topics.

The list of topics your child can prepare under verbal reasoning are given below.

Insert a letter, analogies, odd one out, shuffled sentences, three-letter missing word, letter sequences, compound words, anagrams, code words, similar meanings, opposites, calculating with letters, related numbers, number equations, hidden words, young animals, shuffled sentences, misplaced words and many other topics related to vocabulary.

Your child needs an excellent vocabulary to perform well in verbal reasoning tests. Plenty of online flashcards are also available under “My Flashcards” menu helping your child to develop vocabulary skills like learning meanings of most of the words, its synonyms and opposites.

These tests are useful for the preparation of CEM, CSSE, GL Assessment and any other 11 Plus entrance examinations in the UK.

11plus4fun.co.uk has various questions in Verbal Reasoning:

Analogies Test Odd One Out VR Related numbers VR Word Codes Number Equations Shuffled Sentences Letter Sequences Number Equations VR Anagrams VR Hidden Words Three Letter Missing VR Insert A Letter VR Related numbers VR Calculating with Letters VR Opposites VR Word Codes VR Similar meaning VR Codes VR Compound words Three Letter Missing