11plus Non Verbal

Non-verbal Reasoning is an area which deals with problem solving with pictures and diagrams. It improves the ability of a child to analyse visual information and solve problems based on visual reasoning. NVR helps a child to solve complex problems without relying upon words, and language abilities.

Since, our mind can grasp a subject or a concept in the form of pictures, NVR is an area that deals with this skill.

A child with higher reasoning skills acquires the ability for rapid learning of new things and quick decision-making skills.

11plus4fun.co.uk. focus mainly on the problems of child concentration, verbal skills and it gauges a child general intelligence.

11plus4fun.co.uk designs test papers to make child learn oneself on figures, drawing inferences, identifying the relationships, similarities of the figures arranged in a pattern.

Some of the Non Verbal Reasoning question types are :

Sequences Odd one out Groupings Patterns Mirror Images Parts within a shape Nets and Cubes Codes and Shapes Similar and different types of shapes

11 Plus Non-verbal reasoning tests are designed to assess how well a child can analyze visual information and solve problems by using visual logic.