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11 Plus Maths Preparation:

We have detailed step by step explanations (self-explanatory) for all the Maths questions, including many Independent schools past Maths papers.

11plus4fun.co.uk has lots of Maths questions:

– We’ve detailed explanations for past Independent Schools Maths Papers

– These papers can be used for any second stage tests

– Preparing / Practicing multiple past papers will help children to understand the scope and improve the speed

– Short Maths questions

– Long Maths questions

– CSSE Mock questions

– GL Assessment questions

– These Maths tests are useful for the preparation of CEM, CSSE, GL Assessment, Independent Schools

– These tests are useful for any other 11 Plus entrance examinations in the UK.

Topics Covered:

Maths Percentages Maths Fractions Maths Decimals Place Value & Rounding Maths Factors Maths Ratio’s Maths Ratio and Proportion Maths Money & Cost Maths Mean Maths Mode Maths Median Maths Range Bodmas Maths Inverse Operations Maths 2D Shapes Maths 3D Shapes Simple Math Calculation Maths Time & Distance Maths Area & Perimeter Maths Probability Maths Algebra Maths Angles Function Machines Times Table Number Sequence Symmetry LCM & HCF Maths Time Calculations Maths Money

11plus4fun.co.uk is a one-stop-shop where we are offering a lot of Maths practice questions.

There are numerous Maths questions to enhance your skills and check your overall knowledge for all 11plus tests. 11plus4fun.co.uk not only provides questions in the practice tests but also step by step detailed explanations for every problem. These explanations are under the answer of each question that helps you to understand the concept and the basics of the given questions right away. You can save these explanations for your future references and practice. In this way, you will be able to understand theories, methods and problem-solving techniques.